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Pagan 101- Welcome to the Elements

Elements What are the elements? Why are they so important? The elements are our legos for our foundation in the psychical realm. Each element has its own purpose, direction, and other dealings. Each element can not work without the other. Fire needs fuel (earth) and oxygen(air) to burn. There is air within water, otherwise the …

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What is Paganism?

-Nebkheperure-B.S.K. What is Paganism? Paganism From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia "Pagan" and "Heathen" redirect here. For other usages, see Pagan (disambiguation) and Heathen (disambiguation) Paganism (from Latin paganus, meaning "country dweller", "rustic")[1] is a blanket term used to refer to various polytheistic religions. The group so defined includes most of the Eastern religions, Native American …

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Solving Your Unbalanced Root Chakra

There is an a thousand plus ways to help re-balance your Root Chakra. The five senses are well known in researchers who study meditation and health. To re-balance your Root Chakra today you'll learn by using sight, hearing, smell, taste, and touch. Touch (physical): Excerise Walking, yoga Incorporate root vegetables. We do this because root …

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Welcome To The Chakras

A basic understanding--definition of the Chakras: The 7 Chakras are the human energy system which act like conductors through out the body, physically, mentally and spiritually. What I love about Chakras is there is an infinity amount of information and wisdom through Chakras. This 7 month series (once a month) is going to take you …

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